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On March 29, 2020, Spirit of A Woman, LLC, launched the Wake Up Everybody (WUE) Virtual series in partnership with community healers, thought leaders, coaches, medical and mental health professionals, educators and artists from across the nation. WUE was created to provide community members, from across the country and abroad, with an opportunity to keep their mental, emotional,  physical and spiritual well beings balanced and whole as they navigated the impact of the devastating impact of the COVID-19 global health crisis. 

WUE was  originally designed as a 30 day offering that would provide “temporary” covering and support for participants until the quarantine period ended, however, the producers and community members quickly realized that the WUE journey would last much longer than they originally anticipated. 

The series was created by Shawnee Benton Gibson, CEO, of Spirit of A Woman (SOW) Leadership Development Institute, who was inspired by the lyrics of the song  “Wake Up Everybody” by Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes. The song, which was popular in the 70s, speaks of issues that we are still glaringly relevant today; (racism, war, poverty, sickness, political strife, corruption, etc). The WUE Virtual series was designed to “WAKE UP” the masses by providing empowering messaging, holistic healing tools, guidance for daily living and strategies for addressing the injustices, pain and imbalance that exists in the world. 

All of the “Wake Up Everybody” sessions take place 5 days a week (every Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 7:00am - 8:30am EST and every Monday and Wednesday from 7:00am -7:30am EST.) over Zoom and Facebook Live. Every session is facilitated by powerful and prolific presenters from various backgrounds and areas of discipline. Each facilitator guides participants through an interactive experience that fosters education, conversation, new insights, empowerment  and expansion. 

The WUE Family invites you to join our phenomenal community so that you can share, heal and grow as part of the collective. You are free to join as a community participant, as a session facilitator and/or a member of the admin team to support the magic that happens behind the scenes. We hope to hear from you. 

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Sunday, February 18th "Unveiling the Dynamics: Understanding Your DISC Personality"  

Facilitated By: Dr. Lavonya Douglass

Join us for an insightful presentation on the DISC personality assessment, where we delve into the fascinating world of human behavior and communication styles. Discover how understanding your unique DISC profile can empower you to navigate relationships, enhance teamwork, and optimize personal and professional growth. Gain practical insights and strategies to leverage your strengths, bridge communication gaps, and foster stronger connections in both personal and professional settings. Whether you're a leader looking to build cohesive teams or an individual seeking self-awareness, this presentation offers valuable tools to unlock your full potential.


Monday, February 19th - "Sojourn to Historic Stagville Plantation"

Facilitated By: Gina Leito-Diouf  



Tuesday, February 20th "Mama's Hoodoo" Part II

Facilitated By: Martine Lissa Malivers

This session will revisit childhood memories of all the seemingly "crazy" things our matriarchs would have us do to remedy and prevent any and every ailment. This will be co-created session where the community is invited to share cultural and familial ways and we will determine what is real and what is just hoodoo.


Wednesday, February 21st - "Generation 2 Generation: Safety in Giving and Receiving Wisdom Pt II"

Facilitated By: Arlene Mac & Tenisha Carrington 

In continuation from their previous WUE Workshop (#1029) on feelingencouraged to share and receive wisdom between generations, mother daughter duo, Arlene Mac & Tenisha C will be holding space for another powerful intergenerational talk, this time from a new angle and fresh perspective.


Thursday, February 22nd "TBD"

Facilitated By: Catherine Mbali-Green Johnson



Upcoming Facilitators 

Dr. Lavonya Douglas is a distinguished scholar who holds a Doctorate in Organizational Leadership Psychology with a specialization in African and Caribbean Mental Health. Her expertise lies at the intersection of psychology, leadership, and cultural diversity. With a strong commitment to enhancing individual and community well-being, Dr. Douglas specializes in developing professional development and leadership programs. Through her research and studies, she has gained profound insights into the psychological dynamics within these communities, enabling her to design impactful initiatives that foster personal growth, leadership skills, and mental health awareness. Dr. Douglas' work not only advances the field of organizational leadership psychology but also addresses the crucial requirement for culturally sensitive approaches to professional development and mental health support. Dr. Douglas is a leader, mentor, mother, and energy producer! She is a leader of leaders who leverages individual strength. She’s a coach and mentor to her colleagues and teams. She helps transform lives, create a sense of purpose, and instill a passion for excellence in individuals and organizations.


Gina Leito-Diouf is the owner and operator of Sankofa Sojourns. At Sankofa Sojourns, she shares her vision of healing the world of racial trauma by providing positive, transformational travel experiences.


Martine Lissa Malivers is a pediatric home health nurse, research nurse and a child sexual abuse prevention specialist. She is a survivor of child sexual abuse and is passionate about stopping what happened to her in her youth from happening to other children.

She founded Touch: The Rebellion, Inc. (Touch) in 2011 in order to bring awareness of the prevalence of child sexual abuse in all races, cultures, classes, religions and communities as well as to create fun, engaging and age-appropriate programming that teaches predatory prevention to the community and empowers the youth. Touch encourages discussion that dispels myths, clears up confusion and breaks a societal taboo that has long posed a detriment to our children's well-being. They use a grassroots approach to reach the public directly and provide them with resources such as workshops and free parent packs filled with educational material on how to fight child sexual abuse and make its prevention a part of every child's daily life. Martine believes that the education and active prevention of child sexual abuse is a community responsibility and when fulfilled helps to create safer environments for the world's children. 


Gen Xer and digital creator, Arlene Mac, along with her daughter Tenisha Carrington; writer, filmmaker, and millenial; have undergone a significant transformation in their mother-daughter relationship, all thanks to the impact of open communication. They now aspire to cultivate a supportive environment where people of all ages—be it family, friends, or peers—can freely share their personal stories and wisdom. Their goal is to facilitate a meaningful exchange that transcends generational mindsets and fosters mutual understanding.


Catherine Mbali Green-Johnson is Organizational Architect and Cultural Anthropologist who employs Spiritual Manifestation methodology to design structures for individuals and organizations while examining social connectivity within institutions and communities. As a visionary, she is the Founder and Executive Director of ARTs East New York Inc. (AENY), a non-profit arts organization whose mission is to provide access, affordability and exposure to the arts for the East New York community while using the arts as a tool for social change. Founded in 2009, AENY has served more than 10,000 constituents and 1 million dollars in charitable assets under management to date, is the only arts CBO in the East New York, Brooklyn area, one of the largest arts specific providers of services to youth, and among the community’s top organizations.

Currently, Catherine is the Director of Programs at The Laundromat Project, an arts organization that advances artists and neighbors as change agents in their own communities, located in Bed-Stuy. In addition to her role at The LP, Catherine is the curator of her latest project, Sankofa: Reparations & Repatriations where she examines the important decisions to be made in the lives of the African-American citizen through a community centered laboratory for visual artists, musicians and the creative community with the belief that imagination and creativity are paramount to creating a more equitable, socially and economically just society. She is also a Life Coach in a Women's Rites of Passage initiative entitled "Be The Tree" where she guides other women with tools of empowerment and healing. As a consultant within her new venture Mbali's Manifestations she assists her clients in bringing to life their vision and goals through community centered examination, research and partnership.   

Catherine's innovative and thought-provoking approach to programming has gained the attention of media outlets such as The New York Times, New York Daily News as well as Good Morning America, and garnered support from Pratt Institute, Union Square Awards, and the Rockefeller Foundation. In 2015, alongside the New York City Economic Development Corporation,  Green - who has background in retail management and previously launched her own clothing line - spearheaded the opening of the reNew Lots Market and Artist Incubator, a pop-up marketplace and artist incubator located on formerly vacant lots and featuring food and retail from local entrepreneurs, an artist incubator and exhibition space for local artists, and diverse programming and events for community members. She currently resides in South Orange, NJ and is a wife and mother to seven beautiful humans. Through this blessed and blended union, together they run a Cultural Tourism company traveling to destinations rich with African Diasporic Influence.

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