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Sessions take place every Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 7:00am - 8:30am EST and every Monday and Wednesday from 7:00am -7:30am EST. Choose from any of the sessions listed below!


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Sunday, March 12th - "Nightmares and It’s Not Halloween!"

Facilitated By: Sahuspete Kokayi

In today's world, there are many marketing streams, flashy gimmicks and offerings vying for our attention. What a challenge to move through daily, to say the least. In this session, we will dive into how we manage our wake time and our dream time.


Monday, March 13th - "Own Your Modalities"

Facilitated By: Niamo Nancy

This is a thought convo about embracing those modalities -holistic health techniques- that totally free your feelings so that you’re ALIVE and thriving and not just surviving.


Tuesday, March 14th - "" 

Facilitated By: David Germain



Wednesday, March 15th "Q & A with Kadeem!"

Facilitated By: Kadeem Alston-Roman

Kadeem has presented on the Wake Up Everybody platform for years! With trainings and certifications in meditation, energy healing, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy and sound therapy, he has shared valuable insight on how to live a balanced and happy life. For this session, you will have the chance to ask Kadeem questions on a variety of topics from pain management to energetic protection to manifestation to stress reduction and many more. Come prepared with your questions!


Thursday, March 16th - "Command Your Thoughts = Commanding Your World

Facilitated By: Meika Joseph

No one is coming! It is up to you to reframe and command your thoughts. Learn why you choose the thoughts that de-value your existence and why it's challenging to accept the magnitude of value for your existence. In this session, we will create new commands in our hearts and watch our worlds transform.


Upcoming Facilitators

Sahuspete Kokayi has been inspiring people her whole life to be their very BEST.  As a facilitator, she engages woman regularly to use what is in their hands to move them beyond their current situation.

Being heavily involved in the cultivation of a Supreme mindset for all, as an educator, she has used her influence to be an opening for higher thinking.  Fostering the understanding that we all manage our world, Sahuspete has created a practice of “S.M.T.,” using sound, music and touch as practical and therapeutic solutions for growth and transformation.

Sahuspete currently has published and narrated an ebook, The Master Key System: Undisputable Keys to the Elevation of Humanity and 3 Childrens’ thematic empowerment music CDs or 22 songs through her company Sound Supreme Kids.  Sahuspete is a transformation coach, reflexologist, musician and flutist as well as singer and songwriter. She is a head coach in Spirit of a Woman, a women’s rites of passage program. Sahuspete is a true lover of life and an encourager for all people to sound supreme, be supreme and live supreme!!!


Rev. Niamo Muid is the HealMobile driver and an award-winning writer and speaker as well as facilitator, energy-light worker, and aromatherapist. She saw ethereal beings and influenced situations before she could speak about them. Her experiences translated into artist, art critic and cultural planner goals early on.

As a high school senior, Niamo envisioned working at Essence magazine and got her dream job as a staff editor fresh out of college. She had visited Africa and Asia and combined with studies of biblical, yoga, and Sufi traditions, evolved into an international black woman embracing Islam in the 1970s.

In the ‘90s, Niamo freelanced, penned a column about Sufism and wrote her first book about spiritual Islam. In fact, “HealMobile” as an idea came after a month of Ramadan fasting. Her commitment to strengthening the “souls of Black folk” is witnessed in her volunteer work with the International Black Summit, African Medicine Women of New Jersey, Quran Society of New York, and National Coalition of Blacks for Reparations in America. She is committed to helping young women and women-centered men to be real with themselves and their relationships, and to own the destiny revealed to them at their crossroads.

Niamo’s empowerment and energy talks may be tailored for groups and are supported by education that grounds her in art, communications and city planning (M.S., Pratt). She is certified in five healing modalities and is an ordained minister practitioner, proficient in anointing and blessing couples, groups and events.


David Germain's mother passed away from breast cancer on March 5, 2011 and his father, a Vietnam War veteran, passed away on October 30, 2022. He personally knows the pain, financial stress, and heartache it causes families when the breadwinner of the family gets either sick in the hospital or passes away. Because of this first hand knowledge, David didn’t want families to go through what he went through. If it wasn’t for Life Insurance, his family would have lost all of their properties to Foreclosure and the hard earned sacrifices his family worked so hard to build to leave generational wealth, would have vanished.

David was a former High School teacher and PSAL Championship basketball coach for 15 years in Brooklyn, NYC before getting his Real Estate Brokers License in 2013 until present. He now has a 6 year old son and recently relocated to Connecticut where he operates a faith-based, mission driven company, Family First Life (Proven Winners Realty, Inc.), whose focus goes well beyond just selling life insurance. David has sold many homes during his real estate career and realized that many families sold their homes because they didn’t have the proper life insurance plan in place or they were underinsured to prevent their homes from being sold, which caused many families to grow apart or fight over the home. His company now works to break generational financial curses and keep families together and avoid disputes over assets that have been left behind. The team also provides “LIFE” insurance that clients can use while they are ALIVE in the event they get sick, called “LIVING BENEFITS”, which David wishes someone would of told his mother about when getting life insurance. 

 “You know, a man’s life is the most precious thing in the world, isn’t it? So, isn’t it odd that a man will insure EVERYTHING but his own life?”



Kadeem Alston-Roman is an inspirational speaker and holistic wellness practitioner with training and certifications in aromatherapy, energy medicine and hypnotherapy. He uses his skills, abilities and gifts to work with a variety of ailments that include, but not limited to: stress, headache, backache, arthritis, cancer, AIDS, depression, anxiety, insomnia and other physical, emotional and mental health issues.

He has worked with varying populations at Google, Yahoo, Verizon, Bloomberg, Audible, Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York University, St. Francis College, Brooklyn Friends School, Gibney Dance, Bailey’s Café, The Actors Fund Arts Center, The World Policy Institute and others. He has helped numerous people completely relieve themselves of their ailments and gain an overall better quality of life. He has trained under Jeffrey V. Noble of The Noble Touch, Master Glenn Mendoza and Master Marilag Mendoza with The Center For Pranic Healing, Greg Toews of Plant Prana and David Synder of NLP Power.

He is the co-founder and co-director of Full Force Wellness Repertory, the only organization in North America that combines alternative wellness modalities and clinical practices to enhance the physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals in one full immersive experience.

He is also the founder of Kadeem One, an inspirational and holistic wellness firm that makes wellness and healing fun by using elements of pop culture to create dynamic, positive change for Millennial and Generation Z populations.

Today he draws his creative inspiration from his family, life experiences, cultural influences, and his environment. His use of color, dimension, and texture exhibits true, raw, and natural talent. The evolution of artistry is evident in his work. His pieces tell stories that are thought provoking, intellectually inspiring, and technically sound. 


Meika Joseph has been a Professional and Personal Performance Coach for over 12 years. Today, she is a THOUGHT HEALER. She co-owns a wellness studio in Brooklyn called, The Crystal Raven. As a thought healer, she heals the thoughts that dominant the mind and creates unwanted habits. She works with clients to turn their thoughts into Reality and give them power to create a new vision of life. Through her methods, she has guided hundreds of people to successfully break through otherwise impenetrable barriers in their professional and personal lives. Her experiences include: training and developing individuals to use tools that will interrupt thoughts on their own. Her clients range from parents, entrepreneurs, to CEOs. She has a profound commitment that all of humanity experiences the freedom, power, and clarity to be successful and fulfilled in their lives, to enjoy the ripple effect a new vision has on their families, work, personal creativity and communities.       

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