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On March 29, 2020, Spirit of A Woman, LLC, launched the Wake Up Everybody (WUE) Virtual series in partnership with community healers, thought leaders, coaches, medical and mental health professionals, educators and artists from across the nation. WUE was created to provide community members, from across the country and abroad, with an opportunity to keep their mental, emotional,  physical and spiritual well beings balanced and whole as they navigated the impact of the devastating impact of the COVID-19 global health crisis. 

WUE was  originally designed as a 30 day offering that would provide “temporary” covering and support for participants until the quarantine period ended, however, the producers and community members quickly realized that the WUE journey would last much longer than they originally anticipated. 

The series was created by Shawnee Benton Gibson, CEO, of Spirit of A Woman (SOW) Leadership Development Institute, who was inspired by the lyrics of the song  “Wake Up Everybody” by Teddy Pendergrass, Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes. The song, which was popular in the 70s, speaks of issues that we are still glaringly relevant today; (racism, war, poverty, sickness, political strife, corruption, etc). The WUE Virtual series was designed to “WAKE UP” the masses by providing empowering messaging, holistic healing tools, guidance for daily living and strategies for addressing the injustices, pain and imbalance that exists in the world. 

All of the “Wake Up Everybody” sessions take place 5 days a week (every Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 7:00am - 8:30am EST and every Monday and Wednesday from 7:00am -7:30am EST.) over Zoom and Facebook Live. Every session is facilitated by powerful and prolific presenters from various backgrounds and areas of discipline. Each facilitator guides participants through an interactive experience that fosters education, conversation, new insights, empowerment  and expansion. 

The WUE Family invites you to join our phenomenal community so that you can share, heal and grow as part of the collective. You are free to join as a community participant, as a session facilitator and/or a member of the admin team to support the magic that happens behind the scenes. We hope to hear from you. 

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Sunday, December 3rd - "Becoming 'Victim To The Songs' You Sing"

Facilitated By: Sheryl Glenn

"I hear music in the streets - yes I hear the funky beats ..." What is the Musical Soundtrack to your daily life? Does that soundtrack match your goals and what you are creating for your life or is it a mismatch? What are you 'singing to you'? Let’s see!


Monday, December 4th - "Facing & Forgiving the Self"

Facilitated By: Marinés Rodriguez

With Love, and in Sacred Space, Reiki Master, Sound Healer, & Spiritual Practitioner, Marinés, will facilitate a healing practice to help us face what and who we need to forgive. Because Forgiveness is the gift that keeps on giving, in forgiving others or past versions of ourselves, we forgive the current version of ourself in the here and now. Marinés will also be pulling oracle cards intuitively for several participants during the session to highlight where they may need to apply more love, attention, and possibly, just a little more forgiveness. The session will also include elements of Sound Healing and the Violet Flame Frequency-both healing Modalities that Marinés is trained and certified in.


Tuesday, December 5th "Become Your Own Bank and Tax Free Retirement"

Facilitated By: David Germain

Join Licensed Real Estate and Insurance Broker, David Germain, and learn how to obtain a life insurance policy with living benefits included to pay you while you are still alive! 


Wednesday, December 6th - "It's A Barter Party!"

Facilitated By: Sista Zaraya

"You got what I want, I got what you need!" Join us as we explore one of the oldest forms of currency, the barter system. Learn how you can leverage your gifts and skills in exchange for goods and services with others without the use of money!


Thursday, December 7th "Married to Defiance"

Facilitated By: Meika Joseph 

Recognizing how you've been married to the pain of your defiance empowers you to break free from constraints. It allows you to navigate life with a newfound sense of purpose and accomplishment. Join Coach Meika as we explore how divorcing defiance can give us freedom to be inspired, confident and empowered.


Upcoming Facilitators  


Sheryl Glenn is a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Aromatherapist, and Sacred Woman.

These teachings are reflected in her business, 'Your Bliss Zone'. Your Bliss Zone's mission is centered in the value of healing ourselves through unplugging from our highly technologically impacted lives to slow down, unwind and destress. Its message supports going inward to connect to the Higher more spiritual part of oneself, connecting with The Most High. Sheryl does Transformation Coaching, Reiki, Aromatherapy and promotes Creative Wellness as a Lifestyle.

As an extension of this work, she has created a natural, vegan soap and body care line and a Power Jewelry line. Sheryl creates every item by hand. 

In Your Bliss Zone her motto is: "The Way Out Is Always the Way IN!" 


Marinés Rodriguez is a native New Yorker born and raised in the Bronx. She is an Energy Worker integrating different healing modalities that she has learned, practiced, and been certified in. Marinés is a Shaman trained Medicine Woman and Ceremonial Space Holder certified in Reiki Healing, Sound Healing, & Transformational Hypnosis. She also applies her degree is Psychology and her professional experience and education in counseling, mental health and substance abuse prevention and recovery to assist her clients in making positive changes in their subconscious beliefs, core wounds, and behavioral patterns. Through the use of sacred instruments, high vibrational crystals, herbs, and energy healing, she is able to provide clients with channeled messages and release of negative emotions and stuck energy in the body and aura and biofield. 


David Germain's mother passed away from breast cancer on March 5, 2011 and his father, a Vietnam War veteran, passed away on October 30, 2022. He personally knows the pain, financial stress, and heartache it causes families when the breadwinner of the family gets either sick in the hospital or passes away. Because of this first hand knowledge, David didn’t want families to go through what he went through. If it wasn’t for Life Insurance, his family would have lost all of their properties to Foreclosure and the hard earned sacrifices his family worked so hard to build to leave generational wealth, would have vanished.

David was a former High School teacher and PSAL Championship basketball coach for 15 years in Brooklyn, NYC before getting his Real Estate Brokers License in 2013 until present. He now has a 6 year old son and recently relocated to Connecticut where he operates a faith-based, mission driven company, Family First Life (Proven Winners Realty, Inc.), whose focus goes well beyond just selling life insurance. David has sold many homes during his real estate career and realized that many families sold their homes because they didn’t have the proper life insurance plan in place or they were underinsured to prevent their homes from being sold, which caused many families to grow apart or fight over the home. His company now works to break generational financial curses and keep families together and avoid disputes over assets that have been left behind. The team also provides “LIFE” insurance that clients can use while they are ALIVE in the event they get sick, called “LIVING BENEFITS”, which David wishes someone would of told his mother about when getting life insurance. 

 “You know, a man’s life is the most precious thing in the world, isn’t it? So, isn’t it odd that a man will insure EVERYTHING but his own life?”


Sista Zaraya, Minister of Joy! founder of Watoto Entertainment Playshop, The performing artist, The Mistress of Joyful Ceremonies, the character creator, the program developer, the storyteller, the writer, The Emcee, The Spoken word artist, the song writer, The early literacy coach, the toddler drama cultivator, the workshop facilitator, the daughter, the sister, the mother, The Custodian of children’s spaces on the planet. 


Meika Joseph has been a Professional and Personal Performance Coach for over 12 years. Today, she is a THOUGHT HEALER. She co-owns a wellness studio in Brooklyn called, The Crystal Raven. As a thought healer, she heals the thoughts that dominant the mind and creates unwanted habits. She works with clients to turn their thoughts into Reality and give them power to create a new vision of life. Through her methods, she has guided hundreds of people to successfully break through otherwise impenetrable barriers in their professional and personal lives. Her experiences include: training and developing individuals to use tools that will interrupt thoughts on their own. Her clients range from parents, entrepreneurs, to CEOs. She has a profound commitment that all of humanity experiences the freedom, power, and clarity to be successful and fulfilled in their lives, to enjoy the ripple effect a new vision has on their families, work, personal creativity and communities.       


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