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Sessions take place every Sunday, Tuesday, & Thursday from 7:00am - 8:30am EST and every Monday and Wednesday from 7:00am -7:30am EST. Choose from any of the sessions listed below!


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Sunday, March 19th - "Self Spring Cleaning. Making Space for Growth."

Facilitated By: Yuvelca Magdelena

Join this conversation that will make us NOTICE where we can grow in ourselves and in our business plus where we may need boundaries.


Monday, March 20th - "Mastering Money Management as an Act of Self Care"

Facilitated By: Alicia Holmes

Are you making wealth building decisions or are you not? Managing how resources flow in and out of our life determines our financial outcomes. Learn the specialize knowledge on how to be a steward of our money from a wealth building perspective.


Tuesday, March 21st - "In the Beginning, There Were Herbs

Facilitated By: Taeneka DaSean

Join Clinical Herbalist and Holistic Healer, Taeneka DaSean, as she talks herbs and their benefits to our everyday lives.    


Wednesday, March 22nd "Minding My Own Black Business"

Facilitated By: Sista Zaraya

 Join the Minister of Joy to learn the Story of Watoto Entertainment .


Thursday, March 23rd - "GRIEF: Holding Space and Living Part 2

Facilitated By: Dionne C. Monsanto

Grief is something we have all experience whether we acknowledge it or not. Some of us might be actively grieving and be unaware of it. We will have a brief yet engaging conversation about life and grief. We can actively grief and live. Grief is a personal process. Let's start to discover your process together.


Upcoming Facilitators



Yuvelca Magdalena Reyes is a New York Native with Indigenous Dominican Latina roots, serving the communities in the Bronx, NY, Hudson Valley, Upstate NY and Poconos Mountains, PA., as a Brainspotting Practitioner & a Trauma Informed Full Spectrum Holistic Certified Birth and Death Doula. She is an International Writer and Public Speaker raising awareness about Maternal Mental Health, Pregnancy and Infant loss, Postpartum Support, and Family Centered Advocacy. She is the creator of Grief SoulWork MAPS, which are Mindful Awareness Practices of Self Care while grieving & mourning in loss that is useful not only to Clinicians but also Caregivers and Companions in the field. She has 30 years of experience working with families and business start ups, has 4 children of her own and is Auntie to 21 nephews and 7 nieces. She enjoys all things about babies, birth, celebrating life and is an avid barefooter, happily married to NYC Men’s Fashion Designer, Paul Aarrington.


Alicia Holmes, Financial Coach and Educator, founded Journey to Wealth in 2016 with the goal to provide women of color with the tools to create a mindset shift, get out of debt, and build their net worth — with a focus on the game-changing benefits of investing in innovative technology. Since then, her vision has expanded and she has co-founded a DAO (a decentralized organization) called Disruptor DAO. Disruptor DAO is a community-led entity with a shared mission focused on educating and securing a place in the future of Web3 for Black and Latinx women.




Sista Zaraya, Minister of Joy! founder of Watoto Entertainment Playshop, The performing artist, The Mistress of Joyful Ceremonies, the character creator, the program developer, the storyteller, the writer, The Emcee, The Spoken word artist, the song writer, The early literacy coach, the toddler drama cultivator, the workshop facilitator, the daughter, the sister, the mother, The Custodian of children’s spaces on the planet. 


Dionne C. Monsanto, Chief Joy Connector and Founder of Joyous Ocean, left a successful financial services career to pursue a passion as a yoga and dance instructor. She is blessed to have taught thousands of classes internationally. As a mental health advocate, life coach, speaker, and performer, she connects people to their joy. She provides the space for her clients to realize their goals and build better versions of themselves.

When not fully engaged in mental health advocacy with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention or The Siwe Project, she is supporting her clients and cooking up something new to share. Whether speaking, or training, she connects her clients to joy. As the Chief Joy Connector, she moves with ease through seemingly disparate worlds. With joy as the through-line, she is a Movement Fluidity Expert that brings her love for nature and process into all things. She believes that we can collectively change the world if we each build a joy-filled health body to support the lives we want to live. In short Dionne helps people Live Life INjoy.      

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