Our Mission

  • To support Be The Tree graduates with strengthening our brands and purposes in the world;

  • To contribute to the sustainability and expansion of the Be The Tree Rites of Passage collective;

  • To  assist graduate Sistars with practicing, reinforcing and applying the tools and distinctions of Be The Tree;

  • To cultivate positive relationships and collaborative networking opportunities within the collective;

  • To support collective members in a sisterly and humanitarian way as they navigate the breakdowns and breakthroughs of everyday life, and

  • To promote the manifestation of additional programs, services, projects and initiatives globally that are associated with the future of Be The Tree Rites of Passage Collective and Spirit of a Woman, LLC.  



The Vision

The "Be The Tree" Alumni collective is a Sistar-hood rooted in Community, Collaboration and Integrity.  The "Be The Tree" alumni Sistars  encourage and empower one another as they stand in their brand and walk in their purpose. As a collective, we are like trees in a forest; Deeply Rooted, Strong and Free!

A Message from Our Head Alumni Coach

Coach Sahuspete Kokayi

Greetings Sistars,

We, the Alumni Collective, want you to know that there is more in store for you after you graduate from the  "Be The Tree" Rites of Passage Program. There is an alumni collective body of more than 300 graduated women that you are now a part of, for a lifetime.

We continue this offering of "BeThe Tree" tools and distinctions by choosing roles of Coach, Sower or Harvester. There are also various committees to choose to be a part of or you can simply choose to be a participant in. We look forward to your continued support and contributions to the forest.

Be Well,

Coach Sahuspete Kokayi and the "Be The Tree" Alumni Leadership Team

You've Made it This Far...

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