Greetings, Be The Tree Alumni collective SiStars,

We trust that this message finds you well and that you are standing in your power and purpose as you live your best #TreeLife. Welcome to this awesome collective of women who have experienced and completed the "Be The Tree" journey. 

Our Purpose

The Be The Tree alumni collective was formed to ensure that our journeys of transformation continue beyond culmination. The collective has expanded to over 300 women from all walks of life and it continues to grow with each cycle. We attract phenomenal women, just like you, to this community; women who are up to BIG things in their lives and are looking to make huge shifts within themselves, their families, communities and the world. 

The leaders of the alumni collective recognize that life’s challenges and triumphs continue to unfold after you complete the program. We also know that support is needed in order for our alumni SiStars to continue to activate our brands and purposes.  That being said, we the leaders of Be The Tree have created a way to keep activating our individual and collective power by sharing our resources in the form of time, energy and money.

Our Intentions

As stated, your monthly love offerings will provide fuel for maintaining and expanding the following programs/services: 

  • Culmination costs (totes, candles, photos, gifts for participants and leaders, all printing materials and perishables etc.)
  • Social events & local meetups
  • Trips/retreats for alumni collective and alumni leadership
  • Gifts & Recovery and Care Packages For Pregnancy & Birth, House Warming, Sick & Shut In, Loss, Celebratory affairs
  • Sustaining Technological Infrastructure (websites, apps, database, membership booklets)
  • Supplemental Coaching and leadership development
  • Honorariums for Presenters/Facilitators  

And Other Costs as we continue to EVOLVE…

Our Invitation - Share Your Love With Us!

In honor of our SOW 20/20 Vision And Beyond Anniversary, we are continuing to invite every Alumni SiSTAR to contribute to the continuation of the programming, services, events and offerings that Be The Tree provides. We are requesting that you support the sustainability of this work by contributing in the form of monthly or annual Love Offerings. Your generosity will support, current and future, Be The Tree participants with receiving supplemental support for tuition and/or culmination fees, for traumatic life events such as deaths, illness and/or financial strife, as well as, covering for joyful and celebratory events such as birthdays, weddings, starting a business etc.

Monthly Payments of $15 Annual Love Offering of $180 One-Time Payment

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